About Us

The RegenaStory 

Regenavita has blossomed from a unique combination of professional and personal experience.

It all started with being totally confused, overwhelmed, in a health crisis and in the middle of the vitamin section in a big-box store. That's when our founder, Terri Paige, realized that there had to be a better way for people to get access to the supplements their healthcare partners recommended. 

This same health crisis was also the impetus for Dr. Paige, Terri's husband, to completely revolutionize his approach to medical care, following 25 years in practice as an Internist and Pediatrician. After trying to address the symptoms of her underlying gut and autoimmune issues, Carl began to look for the source. 

Regenavita Co-Founders, Dr. Carl Paige and Terri Paige

The couple set out on a new chapter of their lives - Dr. Paige trained in cellular, regenerative, functional, integrative and personalized medicine. He completed fellowships in Anti-aging, Regenerative and Functional Medicine as well as Stem Cell and Exosome Therapy, getting board certified by the American Board of Anti-Aging / Regenerative Medicine (A4M). Terri became a Certified Lifestyle Coach with the A4M and a Professional Performance Coach with SourcePoint Training.

They both joined the Seeds Scientific Research & Performance Institute, where Dr. Paige is a member of the teaching faculty and Terri is a Fellow. Terri & Carl dove into the research community, traveling the world to participate and present in conferences on cutting-edge advances in medical science.

This all culminated in the co-founding of a new practice, Medical Transformation Center. MTC looks at each patient individually and holistically, considering factors like lifestyle, genetics, environment and more to determine the best, most personalized way to maximize overall wellness and boost longevity and restoration. 

While MTC uses advanced supplementation as part of treatment plans, patients were still regularly overwhelmed by choices and questions. Terri and Carl wanted this process to be effortless for them. They wanted to be able to provide high-quality, physician-curated products, free from common allergens and irritants and responsibly sourced. They wanted people to feel confident in their supplements without hours of comparing labels, looking up brands and long words they'd never heard of or just giving up.

Cue Regenavita! 


What We Stand For 

All Supplements Are Not Created Equal. 


Regenavita was born to make your search for the right supplement easier. We take the time to make it simple, to save you time and give you peace of mind.

Latest Scientific Advances

We stay up-to-date on the newest research and innovations available. When you choose Regenavita, you chose the latest science has to offer.

Extensively Researched

After decades in practice, we have identified products and protocols that change lives. We have done the work to find out what gets results, so you don't have to guess.

Made for Your Body

All of our products are formulated free from common allergens whenever possible, and do not contain unnecessary irritants. They are made in the most bioavailable form, so they are easy for your body to absorb and use.

Proven Through Our Patients

Our products have been curated based on what has proven effective with patients. Everything you see here has been used over the decades to bring people like you closer to optimal health.

Highest Quality Standards 

From sourcing and ingredient quality, to manufacturing, compounding, packaging and shipping, we paid attention to every detail. You get the highest quality product with each and every order.

Are you ready to experience the Regenavita difference? 

Terri Paige Surrounded By Bioavailable, High Quality Regenavita Supplements