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iCell Water®

iCell Water®

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Product Overview:

Let iCell Water (the amino drink) revolutionize the way you hydrate and optimize your performance! This newly-released, peptide-enhancing powder can be mixed with water to modulate your cell volume (via cellular hydration) to support your cells' ability to signal. This in turn fosters muscle strength and performance all while improving cardiometabolic markers. 

iCell Water sets your cells up for their ultimate state, increasing cellular resilience. Studies have shown that:

  • It places cell in the ultimate state of signaling capacity
  • It promotes lypolysis and counteracts proteolysis and glycogenolysis.
  • It prevents the intracellular catabolic effect.
  • Higher intracellular water use showed better functional performance independent of muscle mass
  • Intracellular water was the main predictor of leg strength and jump performance in highly trained athletes.
  • A Decrease in ICW during training was found to have reduced power and grip strength. 

Best For:

General hydration, muscle and sport performance and physical or cognitive optimization. 

Suggested Use:

1 scoop per 64 oz. of water. Mix together and sip throughout the day. Enjoy!


  • L-Alanine:  5g
  • Creatine Monohydrate:  5g
  • Glycine:  4g
  • L-Glutamine:  3g
  • L-Leucine:  3g

Product Size:

20 servings

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