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KetoneAid KE4 Pro Ketone Ester (3 Bottles)

KetoneAid KE4 Pro Ketone Ester (3 Bottles)

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Product Overview:

KetoneAid KE4 Pro offers a super-concentrated cherry-flavored formula featuring 50% Ketone Ester in 3, 60ml-format bottles. This is best for people wanting help with energy, concentration levels and carb cravings. Please note that this is not intended for weight loss, but can be a part of your weight loss, energy or performance journey.

Best For:

People wanting help with energy, concentration levels and carb cravings. 

Suggested Use:

Consult with a healthcare partner or specialist to get personalized details on the correct dosage for your body and goals. Some like to take this almost as a shot, others will dilute it in some cold water. Some use between 5-10ml of KE4 a day. We find that 1-2 tsp is a sweet spot for most. While some athletes may use 1 bottle (30g of Ketone Ester, 60ml of Ke4), this could be too much, so please consult with your health partner to determine dosage for your body.

Product Size:

3 bottles, 60 ml each 

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