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Product Overview:

NutraChill is a non-medicinal, all-natural, plant-based nutrient supplement that can bring a wave of calm and relaxation – without some of the harsh side effects certain people may experience from pharmaceutical-grade prescriptions. NutraChill uses Dhh-B derived from Magnolia Bark. Dhh-B, from magnolia bark, has been used for centuries in traditional Asian medicine prized for its curative and calming effect. Its active chemical components have been used in Western Medicine to address anxiety, pain, brain injury, epilepsy, and cognitive disorders.

Best for:

Those experiencing mild anxiety or stress, daytime anxiety, wanting help falling asleep, overall mood support or relief from hormone-related anxiety.

This is not a replacement for any current medication. Please discuss adding this or switching medications with your mental health partner. 

Suggested Use:

1-2 Capsules as needed

Product Size:

30 Capsules

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