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Sytrinol LNA®

Sytrinol LNA®

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Product Overview:

Leveraging the synergy of leucine and nicotinic acid with polymethoxylated flavones and tocotrienols to improve lipid biomarkers, fat oxidation, and circadian rhythms. SIRT genes are targeted due to their signaling to regulate fat oxidation, mitochondrial function, inflammatory cytokines, and antioxidant pathways. SIRT genes depend on NAD+ levels to be activated through AMPK’s nutrient-sensing capabilities.

Best For:

This product is best for people who are looking to support their weight loss or weight maintenance goals.

Suggested Use:

Take 3 capsules with dinner daily.


• Sytrinol® 300mg (Nobiletin: Tangerentin 270mg + Tocotrienols 30mg)
• Leucine 1,100mg
• Nicotinic Acid 75mg

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